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Odor Neutral is a premium, scientifically hand-crafted odor neutralizer that is formulated to eliminate the toughest of odors from all washable surfaces–including skin and fur. The water-based formula of Odor Neutral means that Odor Neutral is safe to spray directly on any washable surface, such as yourself and your animal. Odor Neutral is non-toxic; biodegradable; hypoallergenic; and FDA, EPA, USDA, and GSA approved! Odor Neutral is free from harsh chemicals, enzymes, perfumes, and dyes.


Odor Neutral works at the molecular structure to istantly neutralize odors at their source, without leaving any residue. It works safely, quickly, and permanently. Spray is gentle enough for skin and fur, while strong enough to take on the toughest of odors. Odor Neutral can be applied safely to all washable surfaces, creating an endless amount of different use applications.





I opened my Odor Neutral around Christmas when I went to Baltimore to see my parents. I used it in my car after I spilled coffee with cream while driving down there. Needless to say my car was pretty funky a few days later, and O N did an amazing job, so I used it in my parents house too…a dog, two cats/two litter boxes, and a smoker in that house. My mom hates it when my dad smokes inside, so I sprayed all around the first floor, and it really made a difference. Sprayed around the cat boxes too. I’m totally impressed with the product! It has a very light, pleasant sent when first sprayed then within minutes, no smells at all….so it didn’t even smell like I was “covering up” with fabreeze or air freshener. I’ve spayed sweaters that came out of moving boxes that I didn’t have time to wash, with great results as well!
Kate L.

Why We are Different?


There are currently no other products safe to use on skin and fur, while still posessing the ability to remove any odor from any surface. Plain and simple. Odor Neutral is NOT a deodorizer, air freshener, or enzyme odor eliminator. Odor Neutral destructivly eliminates odors at their source. Because our proprietary formulation remains effective over time, it will not loose its potency or strength. Odor Neutral has also been approved by the USDA for use in food processing areas. If you have any questions about uses of the product please feel free to Message Us.